"What is creative living? Any life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear."

- Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


Seeking out creativity is part of who I am and I have always been driven to do things a little differently.  Having a little bit of a gypsy soul I am constantly inspired by exploring and travel, gathering ideas from the exotic souks of Morocco, the colourful and chaotic streets of India, the serenity of Ubud in Bali, and the never-ending coastline of Western Australia.  However Dublin will always be home and bringing these ideas to life through my classes and creative projects keeps me constantly motivated.  Creating moments and experiences is what I love, whether that is teaching an energetic yoga class, preparing a spread of food to share with friends, or picking fresh flowers from my garden to make a simple bouquet.  I see all of these simple routines as unique approaches to mindfulness, or more specifically creative mindfulness – a way of triggering people’s imagination as well as developing balance. 

For me creative mindfulness is about enhancing mindful moments in everyday activities, interactions and the environment, in a way that leaves people feeling inspired and stimulated.  Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary.  Combining my artistic instincts with a passion for sharing yoga, mindfulness and positive wellbeing is something that I have been developing over the past few years.  Rarely leaving my house without a notebook and camera in my hand I try to seize inspiration wherever I am.  Using skills in styling, design, psychology, cooking I translate these ideas into something unique and special. 

I share some of these creative projects through my blog and keep others as a surprise for my students and clients. They have included larger events like magical candlelight yoga sessions and yoga brunches … to adding little touches to my regular classes: bringing essential oils from Sri Lanka, fresh lavender from my garden or anything to create a unique experience for people.  Having worked freelance as a stylist my aim is to simply to enhance the innate beauty of what I am working with.  I love to collaborate with others and in the past have had some wonderful creative opportunities working alongside: The Irish Times, Jamie Oliver’s Food and Drinks Tube, Susan Jane White, The Marker Hotel, Domini Kemp, The Informal Florist, Alise Taggart Styling and Design, Cornershop Productions, Lidl Ireland, Select Food Stores Dalkey, Irish Brides Magazine, Irish Country Magazine and Peacock Cafe @ The Abbey Theatre.

 I love to think of every project in a unique way so if you have something that you are interested in working on together please get in touch and we can get some ideas going!

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Top left photo by Natalie Marquez Courtney, all other photography by Susie Coakley