Photos by Clio Meldon

Photos by Clio Meldon



is one of the most amazing times in a woman’s life. But it is also extremely overwhelming, exhausting and challenging - I know I’ve been there through the “morning” (all day) sickness, the sore nipples, the never-ending lonely sleepless nights and the anxiety of keeping your baby alive!

Getting some extra TLC both before and after the birth of your baby is so important, but sometimes you may find that your needs aren’t being met in public classes, or that even if you’ve been up since 5am getting to a 10am mum and baby class seems impossible! If you are simply exhausted I will create a relaxing cocoon to reenergise you, or if you need to move I will (gently!) encourage you to squat and lunge to get your strength back, and if baby is with us I will make sure he or she is rocked, bounced, swung … whatever it takes to keep him or her happy! If a few of your friends are on mat leave why not get together so you can console each other about your lack of sleep over coffee after class?!

I completed both my pre and post-natal training with Yoga Therapy Ireland, and studied further pregnancy and womb yoga studies with the guru of women’s yoga Uma Dinsmore-Tulli. All my classes are completely mum focused. I am dedicated to making pregnant mama’s to be to feel as strong and confident about labour using a variety of active birth poses and some positive hypnotherapy techniques. For new mums I want you to regain your strength in a safe environment, but also shake off that tired achey body and start to feel like “you’ again!

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